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Clients' feedback from some recent Shifting Minds in-house courses:

Coaching and mentoring skills for senior line managers

"It was an excellent refresher for me – reminding me of some key coaching techniques that get forgotten when you have time constraints. The format was straightforward and more importantly – easy to incorporate into 'real' scenarios". 

"Excellent, informative and productive session which will definitely expand my skill set and enhance team performance." 

"Lots of food for thought! Looking forward to being able to use my new found knowledge in my day to day life". 

"Excellent course with excellent delivery! Looking forward to taking what I have learned back to the office! Cheers".

"I though this was an excellent course that brought new ideas that I did not know before. Very relevant to current issues in my team and the course has given me a lot to think about. Good use of interaction". 

"Excellent course and high relevant. Allowed for dynamic free thinking away from the day to day responsibilities – important for future growth".    

Competency based interviewing skills for professional recruiters

"Very open approach to delivery of training which made for a more comfortable atmosphere. Well prepared course which was 100% relevant to our recruitment". 

"I feel so much more confident in taking the right information from candidates now. Very informative and useful for my everyday job here. Brilliantly presented with good visual plus practical exercises. Well worth taking part". 

"I found this course to be of great benefit and it is something that will definitely be useful to me. I have learned a lot from it and hope to put my new interview techniques into practice".

"I had never been on competency training before and I found the trainer’s style and technique excellent. His approach and ability to explain it was concise and easily understood. All in all I enjoyed the day and I definitely have come away with learning a new approach to interviewing. Thank you"!! 

"I felt the training was practical and gave us examples of situations we could use in every day instances. I now feel I have a good structure in place on this topic and I will be confident going forward interviewing candidates. I will be confident in talking about candidates to clients after this process. Thoroughly enjoyed it"!

Client presentation skills workshops for sales consultants

"I found this to be an excellent half day training. It was amazing the techniques and knowledge I am coming away with. It was my first time ever doing a presentation and I now feel a lot more confident in taking the first steps to facing clients"!

"Has put me at ease more regarding making presentations. Feel more confident about area. Was delivered brilliantly, very practical and we can use all the information again and again. Thank you".

"Very practical course and very objective. Definitely will be much more confident with presentations – well organised and delivered".

"Good concise course delivered well at speed. Great feedback and a good starting place for us to practice and grow from. Would highly

"The role play works really well, it is an excellent way to overcome the fear of a “tough” client. Great way of practising how to deal with different situations and watch how others deal with similar situations". 

"I think this was extremely beneficial. This is very relevant to our business, it was good to get direction on how to be effective, and also objective criticism. I will be able to use all of this".