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Performance coaching Skills (Various formats)

Custom designed:

Quality, in-house training for your organisation’s needs


Many the most effective organisations in the world have strongly developed performance coaching cultures. This programme gets to the essence of what makes a good  performance coach. At its core is the principle that everybody in a line management or project role should have these vital skills in their toolkit. We believe that well developed performance coaching skills can make a huge difference to the productivity and effectiveness of work teams!

Performance coaching skills

“It is often much harder to give up instructing, than it is to learn coaching techniques”

“Coaching can occur spontaneously in a minute or in an hour long pre-arranged session”


“Building awareness, responsibility and self-belief are the goals of the line manager as coach”

We offer a range of in-house trainings:-

  • Overview to advanced "Level 2" coaching (1 day)
  • Introduction to "Level 2" coaching (2 days)
  • Developing advanced "Level 2" coaching skills (6 days in x3 sessions over 2 months

More Information:

If you want to know more about these courses or its suitability for you or a colleague, call us on 020 8374 3985 and speak informally to one of our course leaders, or email:

Training Style:

Interactive, enjoyable  and thought provoking. The workshop uses inputs from the course leader, group and individual exercises, and simulated interviews.

Who will benefit:

The course is designed for all Directors, Managers and Team Leaders. It is also highly relevant to those who work as project managers. It is relevant to both private, public and charity sectors. It would also be useful as a first step for those who are being developed as organisational coaches or mentors. Note: Coaching skills are also extremely useful in everyday life.


By the end of this course you will be able to:


  • Describe the underlying concepts and ideas of performance coaching.
  • Explore and develop your key coaching skills
  • Use your performance coaching skills in real situations.
  • Use the ASPIRE coaching framework to sequence your coaching interventions
  • Challenge limiting mind-sets that hold back your coachees from reaching their true potential.
  • Mentor others, either as an "organisational elder" or on specific areas of knowledge or skill.
  • Plan the future development of your coaching and mentoring skills.


  • Why are the best organisations worrying about performance coaching skills?
  • The origins of modern organisational coaching.
  • The five key skills of effective coaches.
  • Sequencing your coaching questions using the ASPIRE framework
  • Introduction to advanced “Level 2” coaching skills.
  • NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroscience
  • Lots of practice sessions and feedback
  • How to be an effective mentor.
  • Assessing your mentoring areas and potential.
  • Planning next steps.