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Facilitation Services - Continuous improvement workshops

We have extensive experience in the design and delivery of continuous improvement workshops. Typically we work with clients to identify one or more key processes that would benefit from greater reliability, more capacity, shorter lead times and less cost.

How we work:-

  1. Working with our client we identify all those (by role or group) involved directly or indirectly with the target process. We invite key representatives of the roles / groups to our continuous improvement workshop. We also help clients identify “process owners” within the organisation
  2. We then use our 6-step continuous improvement methodology (which is in essence a pragmatic, streamlined six Sigma approach ) within a facilitated workshop to identify process improvement ideas. The approach is highly participative and empowering.
  3. We then invite senior managers into the concluded part of the workshop to hear informal presentations on the work undertaken and the potential improvements identified. (Note: the senior managers are briefed ahead of the session to be positive and respectful (irrespective of what they actually think of the ideas). Senior managers have to then agree one of the following choices per idea a) reject idea, b) undertake further investigations or c) just go do it!
  4. Finally the “process owners” summarise and grade the outputs - producing a detailed implementation plan.  

Please contact us for an initial, exploratory discussion about your target processes.

For more information, call us now on 020 8374 3985 or email

We are happy to provide previous client references - so that you can be assured of our quality and capability