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Developing a high performance culture

Re-engineering Performance Management systems

Performance management systems get re-designed now and then in most organisations, but fail to work to their full potential. At Shifting Minds we will help you re-engineer your approach to performance management.

We help train your managers and team leaders to:-

  • give real feedback on performance including the tougher messages
  • objectively rate the performance of their team members
  • coach their team members to achieve their potential
  • collaboratively generate meaningful development plans

We are often asked to re-design performance management systems and paperwork to make them more effective (and user friendly!)

  • We will also help you integrate 360 feedback tools into the process - together with appropriate behavioural rating mechanisms
  • We will encourage you to target 100% performance review completion - and to make each and every review effective

Creating performance coaching and mentoring cultures

We recognise the power of extensive coaching and mentoring in today's organisations. We can help you...

  • Sell the benefits of coaching and mentoring your leadership team
  • Train your Directors, Managers and Team Leaders to become effective 'performance coaches'
  • Create a comprehensive and effective mentoring scheme
  • Integrate coaching and mentoring into your performance management approach, ensuring it becomes part of your organisation's 'DNA'

Performance modelling - clone or replicate your top performers

In your organisation there are "top performers", the people that seem to just get great results! How many times have you thought "I wish I could clone or replicate my top performers"!

But what if one was able to study your top performers and find out how they make sense of their roles and uncover their inner mind set and strategies?

That's exactly what we do at Shifting Minds (using advanced NLP techniques), we are able to uncover and model their excellence, to encode it and then turn it into training and coaching programmes for others.

We then deliver the coaching and training, often with the help of the top performers acting as Subject Matter Experts.

For more information, call us now on 020 8374 3985 or email

We will use a number of key Organisation Development and Change Management strategies to ensure that whatever we jointly develop becomes an enduring part of your organisation's 'DNA'

All Shifting Minds consultancy assignments have the following benefits:-

  • Consultants with appropriate skills and experience
  • Careful project estimating to reduce your costs
  • A full project planning service
  • Skills transfer to your in-house team where required