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Welcome to the Shifting Minds website

Our core mission is to  help organisations and individuals achieve step-changes in performance and results, by delivering customised, high quality Human Resource Development consultancy, in-house training and coaching. Our extensive client base spans many private, public and charity sectors, and we operate throughout the UK and Europe.  

Our core business principles

At Shifting Minds we are always happy to provide an independent view on your people- related opportunities or challenges - without any obligation from you!

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Addressing "inconvenient truths" about Learning and Development in your organisation will transform your bottom-line results. Why this article? I have been in and around organisational learning and development functions...

Business transformation programmes: What goes wrong and what works!  The ability for an organisation to successfully transform itself has always been a priority...

Why you and your managers need to be skilled “Level 2” performance coaches…

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Do you or your managers pass the critical leadership test?

So many directors, managers and team leaders simply...

Are you managing key changes in your organisation, or merely playing hopscotch?

Just for a moment remember your early school days...

How to equip your organisation so that it can constantly evolve, adapt and succeed?

You need to build an internal consultancy group and achieve smoother changes and better P&L results!

What a pain - it's appraisal time again!

What if you were managing and coaching for the highest levels of performance? There is an interesting formula...

Where's the updated project plan?

When you look below the surface of many orfganisations there is a surprising lack..

Honestly, how good are your in-house trainers?

Most organisations use in-house "trainers" to support their...

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