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Helping organisations and people grow Last updated: July 19, 2018
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Organisational development and change consultancy

Managing complex changes

We have extensive experience in helping organisations through periods of complex and demanding change. We understand that change has to carefully planned - from visioning, through to the final delivery of benefits. In previous assignment we have worked with a number of clients...

  • Facilitating the creation of visions and blueprints for change
  • Setting-up programme and project structures
  • Creating and integrated, multi-level change management frameworks
  • Training management teams in the "art" of managing change
  • Training 'Change Agents' within organisations

Target Operating Model (TOM) design

We are able to model and test TOM models using ratios and volumetrics. We are also able to build models that can be modified overtime (based on ongoing improvements)

Organisational re-designs and restructures

We have extensive experience in assisting organisations who need to re-design or re-organise their structures. We combine three distinct HR disciples to deliver successful support - leading-edge OD principles, sound HR employment practice and effective change management. In particular we consider...

  • Streamlining processes to meet exacting KPI’s
  • Volumetric's to understand work flows and finite capacities
  • Overarching business performance
  • The impact of re-structures on softer concerns such as transition management, culture and individual’s opportunities for development and career progression


Designing and implementing company and team cultures

n particular we consider

  • Helping organisations create visions, missions and values
  • Developing and implementing cultural change strategies
  • Analysing and designing team cultures
  • Designing and implementing ‘team culture’ development sessions

For more information, call us now on 020 8374 3985 or email

We will use a number of key Organisation Development and Change Management strategies to ensure that whatever we jointly develop becomes an enduring part of your organisation's 'DNA'

All Shifting Minds consultancy assignments have the following benefits:-

  • Consultants with appropriate skills and experience
  • Careful project estimating to reduce your costs
  • A full project planning service
  • Skills transfer to your in-house team where required