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Performance Management Skills (Typically one or two days)

Custom designed:

Quality, in-house training for your organisation’s needs


Making your in company Performance Management approach deliver real benefits is not an easy task. This workshop will help you and other managers and team leaders become highly skilled in managing performance throughout the year.

Performance Management Skills

If, the day before your annual appraisal someone was to ask you “how do think you will do?” - you should be able to say “I will get a two plus”. Performance management is about eliminating surprises, and creating a year long dialogue about performance an development.

More Information:

If you want to know more about this course or its suitability for you or a colleague, call us on 020 8374 3985 and speak informally to one of our course leaders, or email:

Training Style:

Interactive, enjoyable  and thought provoking. The workshop uses inputs from the course leader, group and individual exercises, and simulated interviews.

Who will benefit:

Anyone with direct reports; especially those who are new to team management. Also very relevant to managers and team leaders with more experience, but who have not been formally trained in performance management.


  • By the end of this course you will be able to: 
  • Apply a structured and systematic approach to performance management.
  • Work with your team member to set SMART goals
  • Coach and provide feedback through the year
  • Review performance in an effective manner
  • Co-create first class Personal Development Plans


  • What is Performance Management
  • What motivates individuals?
  • How to make performance management a “must-do” activity for a manager
  • The five key skills of performance management  
  • How to set really SMART goals
  • Balanced scorecards
  • How to develop and use relevant KPI's and measures
  • How provide ongoing coaching and feedback
  • How to track and review performance
  • Ensuring there are no surprises
  • Dealing with poor performers
  • Managing mid-range performers
  • Managing high potentials and high performers
  • Running effective performance management meetings
  • The skills of questioning, feedback and listening
  • Reaching a performance rating
  • Corporate levelling systems
  • Creating multi-activity and cost-effective personal development plans
  • Tracking performance through the year