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Sales presentation skills

(Typically one or two days)

Custom designed:

Quality, in-house training for your organisation’s needs


You or your team has worked hard to get the opportunity to present to clients. You want your client (sales) presentation to be well structured, engaging and convincing. This programme will help you do just that! You will get the opportunity to create upcoming scenarios, where a demanding client audience (your fellow participants) puts you through your paces.

Sales presentation skills

"Structure your sales presentation flexibly, watch the body language of your clients, clarify their needs and give them what they want"

More Information:

If you want to know more about this course or its suitability for you or a colleague, call us on 020 8374 3985 and speak informally to one of our course leaders, or email:

Training Style:

Interactive, enjoyable and thought provoking. The workshop uses inputs from the course leader, participants deliver a range of simulated sales presentations with the audience and course leader in role as clients. The sales scenarios become more challenging as the workshop progresses

Who will benefit:

All managers and sales consultants who prepare and deliver client presentations.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Learnt how to structure presentations, making them flexible and full of impact.
  • Discussed tailoring presentations for specific clients.
  • Explored the uses and abuses of visual aids e.g., lap tops, flip charts etc.
  • Reviewed and used powerful selling techniques.
  • Learnt how to handle questions from the audience.
  • Dealt with objections
  • Discovered the benefits of tracking body language signals.
  • Learnt how to reduce their nerves and start to enjoy presenting.
  • Learnt how to build excellent rapport with individuals / audiences.
  • Learnt language patterns for powerful influencing.


(We customise and structure the content to your organisation's specific needs)

  • Review of sales models - including Shifting Minds “PINS triple C model”
  • Review of current situations requiring Sales Presentations
  • Assessment of prior experience
  • What kind of presenter would you like to be?
  • What do you believe about presenting?
  • What are sales presentations really about?
  • Common questions and concerns”
  • Presentation practices - using custom sales materials
  • Audience behaviours, questions and objections specifically set-up to test out each individual presenter"
  • Use of “time-outs” to freeze the action
  • Feedback from presenter / audience and course leader
  • Evaluation of presentation and sales process
  • Using visual aids e.g., MS PowerPoint, handouts and samples
  • Tracking body language – especially the decision makers.
  • Why do people listen?
  • Developing your voice quality.
  • Managing and optimising your internal state.
  • Building rapport with individuals / audiences.
  • Preparing presentations e.g.know your audience
  • Structuring your presentation - creating presentations that have real impact
  • Exercise – producing a structure for an upcoming presentation
  • Dealing with objections
  • Customisation of standard Sales presentations
  • Recap of overall learning points
  • Next steps / action planning
  • Course review