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Strategic and Commercial Skills Workshop (Two days)

Custom designed:

Quality, in-house training for your organisation’s needs


This workshop will help your staff think more strategically about your products and services. Utilising a real life organisation / business scenario drawn from your organisation, this workshop will allow participants to undertake strategic and market analysis, speak to simulated or real customers before making their recommendations to key stakeholders within your organisation

Strategic and Commercial Skills Workshop

“I wish they would think about this organisation as if it were their own business!”

More Information:

If you want to know more about this course or its suitability for you or a colleague, call us on 020 8374 3985 and speak informally to one of our course leaders, or email:

Training Style:

Business school style: Interactive, enjoyable  and thought provoking. The workshop uses inputs from the course leader, case studies from your organisation, role plays, group and individual exercises

Who will benefit:

  • Managers, senior managers or professionals who wish to improve their Strategic and Commercial thinking skills
  • High potential employees including graduates
  • Sales and Marketing employees
  • Product or service designers
  • Any employee who wishes to have a better understanding of how their own organisation / business operates


  • To develop strategic thinking and analysis skills
  • To be able to analysis a strategic scenario in terms of the operating environment and market conditions
  • To develop a commercially astute mindset
  • To practice interviewing real or simulated customers
  • To generate a range of strategic options and to understand their impact on internal factors e.g. employee capability, current culture and systems support
  • To recommend a small number of viable options - supported by an initial business case
  • To generate some real insights into an organisation / business scenario that informs decision makers in the real world


(We customise and structure the content to your organisation's specific needs)

  • Strategic analysis e.g. PEST and SWOT
  • Marketing analysis - Porter’s 5 forces, Boston Matrix  and Value Chain analysis
  • Data pack analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Features, advantages and benefits
  • Customer value propositions
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product life-cycles
  • Commercial factors
  • Cost - benefit analysis and business case preparation
  • Organisational design and development
  • Risk analysis
  • Presentation preparation
  • Delivery of presentation to key stakeholders